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How to Backup Citrix ADC

We all know that backups are important, but exactly how did it work again for the Netscaler? Let me help you with the following guide!

Pick your scenario:

I like GUI’s
  • Create Backup with GUI
  • Restore Backup with GUI
I like CLI’s
  • Create Backup with CLI
  • Restore Backup with CLI

Before we get started..

There are two backup levels, consider which one you need beforehand.


A basic backup contains the data that relatively gets changed the most.
For example, but not limited to:


A full backup contains the basic backup files with the addition of files that are changed less frequently. For example Certificates and License files.
The maintained list of included files can be found on Citrix’s website here.

Create Backup GUI

First we create a backup in the GUI.

Before we do that, let’s save our running configuration.
If you restart a Netscaler with Running configuration that is not saved, it will be gone on the next boot.
You can see that there is a difference between your running and saved configuration if the ‘save button’ is colorized.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image-20-1024x207.png

Colorized Save Button Left / Non-Colorized Right

Now that all the configuration is saved we can create the backup.
To create the backup on the Netscaler appliance, browse towards:

Configuration > System > Backup and Restore > Backup/Import
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To create the backup press the Backup button.
You can see that there are two different versions of backup ‘level’.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image-18.png

After you chose a backup level, click on Backup

You will be presented with the following screen.
It’s important to save your backup to a local folder now, as the Netscaler might be malfunctioning at your time of need for the backup.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image-19.png

You are now done with creating a backup. Be sure to put somewhere safe as this backup contains most information about your Netscaler.

Restore Backup GUI

Navigate to System / Backup and Restore click the checkbox on the appropiate backup and select the restore action

The screen that follows allows you the click the ‘Skip Backup’ button.
This will prevent a new backup from being taken when the restore is executed.
Press restore to restore the selected backup.

Now you need to do a warm reboot on the Netscaler for the backup to take effect.

Navigate to System > Reboot

You can use a warm reboot for this, saving the configuration is up to you..

The Netscaler will now reboot and restore the backup.

Create Backup CLI

Connect to your Netscaler appliance over SSH with any tool you prefer.
I use Putty which can be downloaded here.

Log in with your credentials.
Be advised to change NSROOT as your default username/password. I still use NSROOT because this is my (offline) homelab for testing.

Use the following command syntax

create system backup BackupHere -level Full -Comment OptionalComment

*Replace BackupName with your backup name
*Replace Full with either Basic or leave it Full
*You can remove the -Comment switch if you dont want to add a comment

If you want to see your current backups you can do so with the following command, mind you the ‘s’ in backupS is optional ;).

show system backups

Restore Backup with CLI

it’s rather short and simple to restore a backup with the CLI.
Use the following command:

restore system backup BackupName.tgz

now to actually restore the backup you need to do a warm reboot.

reboot -warm

The backup will now restore on the appliance.

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